Food production for the cities of the future

Polydome produces high yields of truly sustainable food for cities and communities,
Polydome strategically interweaves a range of crops and animals in a natural ecosystem, suited to any climate and context.

Reinventing our Food System

Agriculture is central to human existence: to our nourishment, livelihoods, and cultures. Advances in agriculture have driven human civilizations for millennia.

Nevertheless, agriculture consumes enormous quantities of resources, displaces vast areas of natural ecosystems and generates enough pollution to dramatically alter global nutrient and atmospheric cycles. On top of that, there is a huge imbalance in the distribution and accessibility of clean, healthy, and nutritious food.

One of the major challenges we are facing is to reinvent and redeploy agriculture as a sustainable industry – for society and our planet. In the coming decades, agricultural systems will need to efficiently produce healthy and nutritious food as well as provide economic value and satisfying employment.



With its high yields (60 – 90 kg per square meter), and diverse outputs (over 50 crops, two mushroom varieties, chicken, eggs, fish, and honey), even a small Polydome system can provide a richly varied food supply for a large population.

The crop selection within the greenhouse is flexibly suited to local market demands and designed to capture several high-value niche markets. This makes Polydome operations profitable and stable. The integrated greenhouse technologies buffer extreme weather shocks such as droughts and heavy rain.

  • High density production
  • Local Production
  • Diversification
  • Direct Sales
  • Market Responsive


Polydome creates a soil environment that is resilient and productive, that benefits the surrounding ecosystems and provides long-lasting fertility. It minimises environmental impact and maximises environmental benefits.

Diversified local production reduces local community’s dependence on shipped food products, reducing food miles and cost, and increasing freshness.

  • Restored soil quality
  • Zero waste
  • Closed-loop system
  • Productive ecosystem
  • No artificial inputs
  • No food miles


Polydome creates opportunities for creative, diverse and dedicated labor. It encourages direct interaction of farmers with local communities and reconnects citizens to healthy food, thereby reconnecting urban dwellers with the biological building blocks of life.

Growing diverse food locally enhances regional food security and accessibility. This function also makes Polydome the perfect setting for educational purposes. Polydome also provides the ideal circumstances for research, the results of which can be used to enhance sustainable agriculture worldwide.

  • Job creation and diversification
  • Education
  • Reconnected farmers and consumers
  • Open source research
  • Local community
  • Improved food access and food security

Grow with US

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Innovation Playground

Polydome is a living lab for the latest innovations in agriculture. It is a plug-in surface for real-life testing. Learn more

Open Source

We want our solutions to be spread. We harvest data to advance science and technology globally. Our research topic include soil science, water management, waste management, biodiversity and organic farming.


It is central to work to create mutual benefits and adding positive impact from the soil to the community by engaging all stakeholders.