A variety of purposes

Polydome’s ecosystems are designed for their location and context. This makes Polydome suit a wide range of applications, from small urban agriculture to vast commercial systems. With our database, featuring over 500 species, custom ecosystems can be designed that fit any market, climate, and size. It can be combined with other functions, such as dairy farms for energy.

Self-sufficient communities

Polydome systems offer a large variety of produce combined with a high level of material and energy independence. This makes Polydome suitable to self-sustaining communities looking for the next level of healthy food production.

Urban Farming and Roof-top Gardening

By combining a Polydome system with a shop or restaurant, food can be sold directly to customers. Shrinking the distance between producer and consumer also translates into higher profits. Shrinking the distance between producer and consumer produces higher pro ts and increases food security

Large Scale Agro-Industry

Polydome allows for high-density production, the capture of several high-value niche markets, and savings on technological inputs. It allows producers to diversify their product range in a sustainable manner, securing high margins in the long haul

research and Innovation

Cutting edge research in food and agricultural innovation requires concepts and experiments to be tested. A research Polydome prototype offers the grounds for innovation in a field largely dominated by monoculture and genetic engineering.